NOVOCAIN, free thought. 11.20.16

word for thought by jesu mikael

Free at last, one day. Maybe in time, with the work put in and the effortless flow of positivity. That everlasting vibe to overcome all the negativity in this world that sucks you in, drags you down, chews you up and vomits you out. Politics, heroin, women, alcohol, money, all of it. None of it differs from one another. Only it’s road to capture. The endless game of capture the flag. The endless fight for king of the hill. Like climbing a mountain. Fuck that I say, bring me back down, fill up the bowl and put on some music. Some chase drugs, some chase riffs. Some don’t have control. Having no say in your dream. Unable to say no. The inability to choose. Temptation, what a son of a bitch. No disrespect to either one of the ones that brought you up either, it’s not their fault. The pressure to do the right thing in opposition to do the thing that relieves your pressure. Find a passion. Any passion. Choose something else, don’t choose that fleeting bullshit that puts all kinds of static in between your two blue, green, brown – bloodshot eyes. That little bit of numb feeling Novocain gives you in your lips when your pull the plunger. Something has to last a little bit longer than that. Life is much longer than that. Your minutes turn to hours and boy those fucking hours last for years. The times you decided to throw the towel in and say to hell with it won’t ever carve themselves inside your brain to form a memory. Those memories you have that have hurt so bad it feels like they’re carving themselves inside your heart will be the ones that stand out. You might never be free, but you can feel free. What makes you feel free? Your country? Your passion? Your art? Raises so many questions. Save yourself while you can and find love. Find a love in someone else and share it. Make love with 3 or 4 other people, on a stage, on a bed, on a roof, in a basement. Something with soul. Headbang until your neck falls off.




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