One hundred forty or less, free thought. 11.20.16

One hundred and forty characters or less – free thoughts by jesu mikael


Can we cram information in a possible smaller platform. Easy to digest being such a small portion. As the American people transition into the year 2017, inaugurating a new president-elect, Donald J. Trump. “Darkness is good – Dick Cheny, Darth Vader, Satan. That’s power” Quoting the new president-elects chief strategist. What the fuck is this guy getting on about with this darkness bullshit. How can we as a nation with aspiring positive mental attitudes, ever look upon these things listed as “darkness” in such a light. Yes, the country is divided, yes the revolution starts within. However, with our current structure as it stands, our government is completely run by the GOP. The republicans. This election was never even closely about Democrats/Republicans. The GOP runs this future government completely. They have spent the last 8 years of the Obama presidency stalling, gridlocking and failing completely to do any semblance of their job, effectively destroying any hope of progress well to-do in the white house and beyond. These very timely protests against the president-elect, come upon the heels of our paused moment of mourning. After being so sure our idealized lesser of two evils would win. Even worse is the thought of having the Vice President elect, Mike Pence in the oval office chair, so we must tread lightly. What we know right now is that the Democratic Party establishment will forever be disbanded from this point on and that they have to regain appeal to the middle class working man, as they should. Scared am I to hear from a respected woman in my life that has knowledge of who the fuck our National Security Adviser is going to be – Michael T. Flynn, who’s best friends are hyperbole. Who once maybe had it but has most definitely lost it in recent years. Even coming from Colin Powell who has named him “nutty”. I can’t even front that I know who these people are, or are not but I’ve never forfeited doing my research on things before I form some type of opinion, let alone talk about you. Having even watched a few episodes of a recent Netflix show informing me about President Obama accepting private funding for his campaign and then having these lobbyists in office after he was elected. The darkness finds it’s way in.




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