Motorcat, a short. 10.3.16

Motorcat, a story by yosh dow

Where is the cat and who made the last unusual noise.

There are times I am just not sure. There isn’t a big desire to speak about in first person. I am staring away from the computer screen as I type this. The cat eating my leg brace laying on the floor full on attack mode. The paranoia has gotten me right now .

For how long though?

There is or there is not a correlation between feelings and events. Do physics prove the laws of attraction. Is this kitten attracted to the couch. It keeps trying to scale the thing, sort of dance around the corner like a boxer. The black cat just jumped 5 feet in the air, okay 4 feet in the air straight up because the kitten came at it, full lunge. Theo jumps to a roll and places the entire tip of my suede wallabees in his mouth. Brown earthy looking Clark Wallabees, flat top\e front. Theo feasts upon it and my brace, back and forth between the two, The little mini (right now_ feline is going banana’s , so lively. Such spunk. Theo is not a cranked enough name for this powerhouse. He’s on it. Motokitty. MotoRkitty. Lemmy. Or Bonzo. But she suggested Lemmy, after his name was decided on Theo in an unspoken but certain agreement, (I presume).


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