selfessnish, a poem by yosh dow

wipe my nose on the cuff of my shirt

wear my heart on the sleeve of my jacket

wipe the blood with my right hand

pour dirty water over top the pin hole

saturated brain, misinformation

but its still roasted, brittle and sponge like

its like i have no control over my racing thoughts

when i get the chance i beg GOD to think positive

when i get the chance i jam myself up to feel better

making so many plans, i plan to make nothing

this needs done, that needs finished

lets start this.

lets start tomorrow

i think that i’m thinking.

turning my eyes inwards,

giving up on blinking,

but thats not my choice.

it just happens

and i have no control

usually i can force myself to stop before

i cross the line

my head, what a mess

thinking of someone else

isn’t what i do best