someone give me a pen, free thought. 10.3.16

someone give me a pen, free thought by yosh dow

Something to write on, to write with. A pen; a pencil; a typer; a computer. Why not.

Throwing my necklace, necklaces over my head from off my neck first. Nope. Start over. Theo has that without even having that.

Jingle jingle.

The keys, tucked in, not tucked. Remove them. Press the clip and back on again.

The sound. Manically played. Heard. Focused. Piercing. Dull. Intensified. Over bearing. Deceiving. Evil.

The keys, clipped on. Fifth time, sixth time. Over and over, adjust the seat. Hold it between the legs. Maneuver with no hands weaving the little weight I can throw nowadays. Wheelie, nope. Young ones always askin’ for a wheelie. Try it some time, Nah.

Such cool though. When they try sometimes, on my bike, on their bike. Some style, dash of class. Like sunglass, shades wearin’ style, and class. They better be nice to the kitties and not arseholes. What would you do though? Not a thing here. Too afraid of my own shadow. Had (still have?)_ an/this urge to write, faster than my hand can go. Ahead of myself sometimes

All the time and e very time, that’s no exaggeration. Writing out in long hand is JUST the amount of slow that impedes any flow. Even chicken scratch skeeted out serial killer handwriting fast, upset with your penmanship 4 cups of coffee type long hand writing. The Writers, the typewriters have weight, even the keyboards of yore bore some excess, just like an author. Not authors like human’s, aliens, shells, shadows, salt bags, douche bags, bag of bones. I don’t know about authors, I don’t know about writers. Hell you know I don’t know about typewriters. Computers, PC’s (mac wasn’t in my world until age 16), key boards. GATEWAYS. AoL cd’s in your mailbox, AIM, beers under the desk, girls under the desk. All type of pre teen/teen computer geek wannabee html 4 knowin, Computer wizard NOT, person.



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