the new kale, a poem. 12/28/16

the new kale, a poem

you’d like to think

that her dreams

were very nice,

covertly plush.

soft, smooth edges spanning the length

inbetween the rounded corners

of a familiar shape.

plastic covers on the electrical sockets, too.

clear, flexible 3 prong insert

grossly overlooked and transparent

against a painters pallete

of the 2017 color trends.

last year: peach, pineapple

the year before that: kale

the use of food as names

run congruent with the soup du jour.

next years will be an off-white,

we call it cauliflower.

cauliflower is the new kale.

and i will take neither in the form of soup.

plastic pillow covers creek though-

and clash. and the zipper breaks

primrose yellow pillow is practically

bursting out at the seam

giving it some attitude,

some passion,

‘rough around the edges’

a much unseen disheveled display,

even for a seat cushion.

the dazzling blue,

blurring into the primrose yella pilla,

all mixed in front of that cadillac white

they brood the hazy purple

that has been named,

radiant orchid

Please note that:

your dreams show no evidence

that the color ‘radiant orchid’,

had made its way in

to that place i found in your dreams

when you were surfing your brain waves

and i was surfing your couch



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