Kitten Cat (my little theo), a poem. 1/1/2017

Kitten Cat (my little theodore) a poem by Joshua

a kitten sits next to a cat

with it’s/his/her holiday scarf wrapped

neatly around where the neck should be

this thing doesn’t have one

no neck feline

washboard abs, do cats have abs? cats have

washboard abs? an eyebrow piercing,

tribal tattoo -no a barb,-ed wire tattoo

right above on a farmers tan bicep

the section of his arm he

begins to razor off the hairs

yeah, yes

this pussy can shave itself

boy cat

or girl cat

young and very cute

buzzes and purrs so much

you’d think he has a 2 stroke engine

motoring on down between his

little kitty ribs

right where a heart would be

a tiny block engine




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